10 Ideas for an Elegant Baby Shower

Baby showers are cute, fun, and an extremely exciting event for expecting parents. It is an event where they get to celebrate the baby that will change their lives forever. Therefore, the expecting parents always want to ensure the baby shower they throw for their baby is the most extraordinary and close event to their hearts. 

Indeed, any theme goes for a baby shower. If you are looking to throw an elegant baby shower, the following are ten ideas that will considerably help you out! 

The Invitation 

An invitation is the first thing people see. This piece of paper should have all the details about the event – when, where, RSVP, the activities, and much more. Therefore, you need to ensure your invitation matches the theme of your elegant baby shower. 


This one is a no-brainer! The location helps set the tone for the baby shower. If people show up to a shady location or you plan on keeping it somewhere far away – your baby shower will probably fail. Therefore, ensure you find a sophisticated, classy, and clean location to host your baby shower! 


The presentation of the baby shower is essential. It needs to be presented in a way that blows the guests away. For instance, if you want an elegant baby shower, you could use a silk fabric for the tables, some candles, and some elegant golden napkins. 


Your baby shower cannot be elegant if you make the guests sit on folding chairs. Therefore, you must ensure you place chairs that are sophisticated and chic. For instance, place chairs with faux fur coverings on them or that have classy engraving on them. 


Food is essential for any and every event. So, you must always be careful about what food you get and how you present it. For example, the food you get for your baby shower must be pretty and classy. For instance, you could get a multiple-tiered cake or serve champagne to the guests. 


Most baby showers have cakes. It doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra on cakes. You can get a cake that is classy, elegant and looks like it came straight out of a royal wedding if you want an elegant baby shower. 


The setting and how it is decorated sets the tone for any event. You must ensure you use elegant decorations such as balloons, flowers, or tulle for your baby shower. You can also use silk cloths layered on different corners of the baby shower’s location. 


You will most probably have many couples and their kids in the baby shower. To keep their interest piked, you can include games and activities in your baby shower. For instance, make them play diaper the baby or guess how big the belly is. 


The hosts of the baby shower, the expecting parents, are the main focus of the event. Therefore, if you genuinely want an elegant baby shower, you must ensure that you are dressed in sophisticated, elegant dresses as hosts. For instance, the mother can wear a beautiful light-colored gown while the father wears a white button-down and dress pants. 


Party favors are a great way to finish the event. Your guests will be extremely excited and happy to receive beautiful party favors. You can include some handmade soap, a small perfume, and some macarons in the party favors. 


Baby showers are, without a doubt, extremely exciting. The expecting couple is excited for their baby to arrive, and the guests are there to celebrate this beautiful time with the soon-to-be parents. 

We hope the ten ideas mentioned above help you throw the most elegant baby shower ever!