5 Kinds of Wedding Set-Ups 

A wedding is one of the biggest days for everyone. It is a day full of love and excitement. Personalizing such a special day helps you make your special day all about you. Furthermore, you can incorporate your personality on your wedding day as you have the freedom of choosing from various wedding setups. The following are five kinds of wedding setups are that are the epitome of perfection. 


Bohemian-themed setups for a wedding are incredibly chic and require very minimal effort. The décor for this wedding set is pretty humble and is dominated by earthy colors that you typically find in gardens. Furthermore, trust us when we say a bohemian wedding setup is comfortable as it has major laid-back and chill vibes. Think nomadic, tribal, and free-spirited when you think of a bohemian wedding. 


Classic weddings are undoubtedly the most popular kind of setup. They signify timelessness and tradition. A classic wedding setup is usually formal, has a lot of floral decorations, and everyone is seated in straight, precise lines. There is no doubt about how elegant and romantic a classic wedding setup can be. For instance, they usually have champagne for the guests with a harp singing in the background. 


Vintage weddings are gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. These wedding setups typically include lace on tables and chairs, vintage furniture such as armchairs, and antique decorations. When you think of a vintage wedding setup, think of being traveled back in time. Therefore, these weddings have a very nostalgic feeling attached to them. 


Country wedding setups are undoubtedly charming and fun. They have a very rural, agrarian theme attached to them. For example, you could have some hay as decoration along with desserts from a local bakery to truly incorporate country into your wedding. A country wedding setup is usually decorated to resemble a barn or a farm. 


Retro means Pulp Fiction, Grease, and Mad Men. A retro wedding setup has lots of spunk, nostalgia and is decorated boldly. This wedding setup allows you to express your style. Furthermore, these setups usually have a red or yellow colored theme. If you genuinely want to go retro, serve Coke for drinks in the signature Coke glass bottles and make everyone jive to a Grease song. 


Coming up with a wedding setup is exciting and involves more effort than you might have thought. Weddings are extraordinary, and personalized setups are a great way to make the big day indeed a memorable one. The five kinds of wedding setups mentioned above are some great themes for a wedding. However, you can let your imagination run wild and create the wedding setup of your dreams!