How to Plan a Micro Wedding

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, there has been a significant increase in people wanting intimate and small-knit weddings. Couples have welcomed this change, as intimate weddings mean less planning and not having to spend too much. Micro weddings are in-person weddings. These typically have a guest list of a maximum of 50 people – this means the list only has people closest to the bride and groom. If you plan on having a micro wedding, you will have to refrain from inviting your father-in-law’s cousin’s child. 

To help you figure out how to plan a micro wedding, the following are some tips that can get you started: 

Choose the perfect wedding venue 

If you plan on having a micro wedding, which means everything is very intimate, there are many venues you can choose from! Because you’ll be inviting a smaller group, you have the liberty to spend more on the wedding venue. This is great because it allows you to get the perfect venue you want without having to think too much about how much you’ll be spending. 

Carefully choose the people you want to invite 

The trickiest part of micro weddings is when you have to put together a list of people you plan on inviting. Because it is supposed to be small and intimate, you must only invite those closest and special to you. While you will feel bad for not inviting some people, you’ll certainly forget all about it on your special day! 

Decide whether you want to allow plus ones 

The whole basis of micro weddings is the fact that they are supposed to be small. If you are already inviting around 50 people, allowing them plus ones means you can expect a wedding with around 100 guests. Therefore, you can always say no to someone if they ask you to about plus ones – it is YOUR day after all! 

Make it personal 

Because there won’t be people on the list you only meet once a year, you can go all out and personalize your wedding. For instance, you can place handwritten notes with special messages for each guest, have everyone’s special drinks, and so much more. 


The pandemic has brought the new trend of micro weddings with full force. So if you are someone who isn’t fond of big crowds and only wants to be with their special, loved ones – micro weddings are perfect for you! We hope the few tips mentioned above help you plan the most beautiful micro wedding ever!